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Hedemann was solemnized. She left Berlin in May
of the following year, and proceeded to Carlsbad, and
from there joined her husband in Frankfurt.
Of the good humour in which Humboldt found
himself at that time., especially after the arrival of his
family., Rahel Levin, now Fran Varnhagen von Ense?
speaks with great delight. She had gone to Frank-
fart to visit her old friends. She writes to her hus-
band :" I dined yesterday at HumboldtX and
Humboldt has got quite a new skin of amiability.
Yesterday it readied its climax. He alone ruled the
conversation, but so gently and mildly, that Ms
influence was only remarked because he allowed
nothing stupid or stiff to gain ground. He has the
same tone towards his family, towards guests, and
children, constantly relates strikingly comic -things,
but not as in winter, from thorough ennui., and in its
harsh colourings. He has the greatest, most childlike
sincerity on all subjects, and this gives a truly cheerful
grace to all his sayings and doings. It seems to me
that he has more sense than ever. Or have I more ?
In the evening I found "him the same at the Countess
In Frankfort, Humboldt had more leisure to devote
to his favourite studies, and it was here that lie
prepared his cc Agameranon5' definitively for the
press. He wrote the introduction to it in February*
1816. This is in itself a considerable piece of work.,
important for its characteristic of Greek poetry, espe-
cially of tragedy, and of JEschylus in particular and
important also for its theory of the art of translation.
Humboldt dedicated it to his wife, who had, from the
first, joined him in these studies. The tranalatiom of
" Agamemnon" was published in the spring of 1816,
in Leipzic,
Scarcely any year had passed since 1804? that he
had not corrected something in this work, and at the last
moment it was considerably improved by being com-
pared with a new edition of the Greek poet, which.
had been prepared by the philologian Q. Herrman, in